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I have an Instagram: @davidmmackey

Follow me if you wanna see some pictures of the gear I use.


#dirtcannon #livesession #mcgill #college #rocknroll #fender #telecaster #band #fun
TC Electronics Mini PolyTune > Keeley 2 Knob Comp > CMATMODS Signa Drive > Walrus Audio Mayflower > Blackeye Effects White Pine > Xotic Effects EP Booster > Ernie Ball VP JR > Strymon El Capistan > Strymon Timeline > Eventide Space > Boss RV-5

The White Pine rules. @blackeyeeffects

If you haven’t heard this pedal, you need to.
Keeley Comp Clone.
Who’s going to this???
Scott Strickland’s Peavey 6505. Scott is in a band called Wanderer.
Amps @ Glow In The Dark Studios
Amps @ Glow In The Dark Studios